Why Adam Devine Decided to Speak Out Amid Adam Levine Scandal

Why Adam Devine Decided to Speak Out Amid Adam Levine Scandal

Adam DeVine Speaks Out Regarding Adam Levine Scandal

When Adam Devine got hundreds of hate messages last year, it made him wonder.

In the midst of Adam Levine‘s cheating scandal last September, the Workaholics star shared a social media post clarifying that he was not, in fact, the singer at the center of the allegations. As Devine recently explained, his public quip only came after a big case of mistaken identity.

“I would never—I’m not big in inserting myself into someone else’s drama,” he said during the Feb. 8 episode of Call Her Daddy. “I’m like, ‘This guy is already going through it.’ And so, I was steering clear.”

But that all changed, as Devine noted, when a headline included his name instead of the Maroon 5 frontman in reference to the situation.

“I was getting so many people that were just DM’ing me being like, ‘How f–king dare you?'” he continued. “And then then you look at their page and I’m like, ‘This person does not follow me. They have no idea. They are not Workaholics fans. They have not seen my movies, they truly were a Maroon 5 fan and now hate me on accident…’ I was getting legitimately hundreds of DMs.”

The clarification comes four months after the “Makes Me Wonder” singer—who shares kids Dusty, 6, Gio, 4 and a newborn with wife Behati Prinsloo—posted a statement addressing allegations he had an affair with Instagram model Sumner Stroh. Though he denied the affair, in his statement, Levine said he “crossed the line during a regrettable period of my life.”
“In certain instances, it became inappropriate,” he wrote in part in a Sept. 29 Instagram post. “I have addressed that and taken proactive steps to remedy this with my family.”

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As for Devine, he also spoke out to assure fans it was all just a case of the name game.
“Just want to post this and say that my wife @chloebridges and I are doing great and going strong,” he wrote in a Sept. 23 Instagram post alongside a photo with wife Chloe Bridges. “I am not Adam Levine. He’s a different guy and a worse singer. We are however naming our future baby Sumner.”

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