Weekly Horoscope: February 19 to February 25, 2023

Weekly Horoscope: February 19 to February 25, 2023

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Your weekly horoscope is here. Get your creative juices flowing; it’s mystic, artistic Pisces season! Monday’s new moon sets the mood with sensitivity and compassion. Hold a mini sharing circle with friends, put on a chill playlist, and bond through realizing we all relate over the basics no matter where we come from–ok, maybe a glass of vino too. There’s an assertive go-getter factor around desire, so be direct, transparent, and use your initiative. This month the Goddess of love favors the bold! 

Read on to discover your weekly horoscope and what’s in store for your sign during the week of February 19 through February 25, 2023.


Let your engine idle and give your motor a rest this month. Let’s get you in tip-top shape to ‘flame-on’ over your birthday season. Since next month we’ll be celebrating YOU, buff and wax, get extra sleep, and spend a little more time going inward and reflecting. But only part of the time. Aries still gotta Aries! And since Venus, the planet representing love and desire moves into your sign on Monday, you’ll be full of amorous overtures. Venus also represents beauty; indeed, this is the best month to get those headshots, charm your way in or out of anything, and appreciate being appreciated. Set your intentions on the new moon cycle around ephemeral spiritual, mystic, or artistic interests.


Your social sector is already warmed up; now it’s time to dial it up further. Say no to sitting this month out on the couch or behind your workbench; get out and mingle. The themes center around gentle creativity and a soft dreamy vibe, so group classes are a must. Go for groups or classes that develop or facilitate your sensitive side. Make it mystic, learn to tune into crystals, and try at least one new-age approach. The third way this can go is by using your practical elbow grease for a worthy cause. If you have a favorite charity or area you want to help, now’s the time. The goal is escapism from the every day, the ego, or your routine. Curate the perfect playlist to soothe and transport you and share it with friends. 


It’s your time to shine in career, so share your creative ideas. This could be the right time to apply empathy, get your visual communication right, and polish up your E.Q (emotional intelligence). As your public sphere is spot lit, you’re seen, so show your best side. Let people know your creative vision, and take a leadership position on a project or idea you want to see in the world. If you enjoy sharing your creative side on socials, try a next-level editing app or work on a TikTok dance number? Monday’s new moon makes this an excellent time to set your intentions around what you want to achieve or call in (manifest) over the next year. How do you want to show up? Tension may arise via intellectualizing at the cost of your spidey sense intel, so balance instinct with logic, and you’ll win every time. 


This month gels well with your sign, so go with the flow, trust your gut instincts, and let your creative side out. Tap into your feelings and empathy to expand your mind; you may find your opportunities and experiences next level with them. World cinema from the comfort of your couch, international cuisine, or other cultural forays is an easy A, so don’t just stick to familiar territory. Planning a trip? Now’s the time to dream up your best of the worlds beaches tour or whatever tickles your fancy. Consider a photography or film editing course if that’s more your thing, or a subscription to a quality online school with various masterclasses to keep you developing and stimulated. Just want to chill? This could be your time to dive into yoga and the philosophy of wellness that underpins it. 


Ooh, la la Leo, this month is steamy, enchanted, and romantic as you explore a close connection with someone irresistible. More into your own company? No problem, there are plenty of ways to deep dive into the psyche. Try tarot, an excellent modern mystery series, or some intuitive, creative work of your own. Let your imagination wander through hidden caverns of your feelings, and just put color to art paper without judgment. Sometimes it only makes sense later or to others who can see what you can’t. If other art forms are more your bag, express yourself through them. It could help to tackle something you’ve felt held back or intimidated by. Dissolve fear around it. Philosopher Alan Watts suggests a ship moves head-on through large waves, not side-on, do that this month Leo. 


Opposites attract, and your relationship zone is lit like the Fourth of July. So celebrate your v.i.p connections, don’t judge a perfect stranger too quickly, and make the most of mutual appreciation. Remember, balance is essential. You can be an over-giver, while others may be over-sharers. Get the balance right, and your one-to-ones will feel blessed not stressed. Consider creative activities, just the two of you, whether that’s a partner, friend, or collaborator. Use your intuition with others, and you’ll pick up much more than what is being said. This has been the case for several years; however, it’s dialed up over the next few weeks. Be sure that cutie is expressing their sensitive side and not drowning in it; the same goes for you. Keep it constructive, and your life will be buoyant and bountiful. 


If you need more space for your creative side at work, this is your week to figure out how to achieve it. Bring in color, crystals, and plants; if you work from home, soft background music will set the mood. Ready to showcase your creativity and makeover someone else’s space. You’ve got a knack for visual and interpersonal harmony, and one of the keys is to avoid loud contrasts. Keep the palette calming, whether it’s decorative or the people you surround yourself with. Wellness features this month, so swimming or other gentle movements are best. How about Tai Chi or yoga if you’ve never tried it. If you’ve dropped your routine, it may be time to pick it back up again. Keep your soul soothed daily, and your spirits will remain harmonious. 


 This month’s focus is on your self-expression in its myriad forms of romance, creativity, leisure time, or all three. As a water sign that may be driven by your emotions, channel them into a project or interest. Curate the soundtrack to your week, or pick up an instrument yourself. If you’re the type to sport band t-shirts, why not book a few shows and see some live music. Be transported with healthy arts and escapism; it’s good for your soul. Your sign is well supported this month, so if you’re feeling at odds, things become clear when you take time to nourish your inner child and play. Set your intentions around these topics on Monday’s new moon. 


Take care of your domestic scene over the next four weeks with regular sage sessions throughout each room. Focus on corners and sage around your body as well. Under your feet and over your head, to clear and purify. Your space is sacred, so this intentional practice will go a long way to restoring and shoring up your energetic base. Set up a creative space or project at home and tend to your feelings. Note what bubbles up over this week and give it curious attention. Not the hyperrational type of attention; go with the observational, mindfulness approach. No judgment or impatience; if there is, observe that! Give it time to reveal itself, whether that’s through internal messages, feelings, or synchronicity. 


If you’ve been tied down with too many tasks, it’s time to wander outdoors. Take a creative, intuitive approach, and let your intuition guide you. Experiment with a camera, drawing, or another way of seeing and interpreting your surroundings. Can you see another level? Look at how the light falls, changes, textures, lines, and repetition. Apply an artist’s eye. This exercise will help calm your nervous system, nourish your energy and help you come up with creative solutions at work or with family. Note the ideas that come to you when you’re not trying to think along the standard route. This is the artist’s way. Why not take a friend or your child if you’re parenting and teach them to look through a fresh lens; perhaps they’ll be teaching you! 


Over the next few weeks, the focus is on your finances. Incoming, outgoing, investment, and also your personal values. Stop up any leaks from subscriptions you’re not using, and make time to go over and assess. There are theories suggesting our relationship with money correlates to our relationship with our parents and how we feel about them or view them. Something to consider! And, of course, how we value ourselves, what we think we deserve, and how highly we rate ourselves. Being cash and saving savvy is nuts and bolts know-how, and it’s also about mindset, what you can even consider personally possible. If you’re open to experimenting, think about it creatively in those terms. See what insight pops up by asking unusual questions. 


Happy birthday season, Pisces! As they say, many happy returns as the Sun lights up your sign and your aura is lit! Monday hosts a new moon in your sign, making the beginning of the week the best time of the year to channel your fae side and make a little magic with a ritual set to music. Clear the space with sage or DIY a crystal and essential oil spray (tiny crystals in a glass spritz bottle). Light a candle, use glitter, or a bowl of water, draw your vision, or, write a poem or list. This is all in aid of tapping into your enchanted side, the symbolic part of your mind, and balancing it with the everyday rational side. A creative approach to planning and goal setting, if you will. Then set about taking the first step by Friday. 

Vanessa Montgomery—a.k.a. Astro All-Starz—is a professional counseling astrologer and the upcoming author of Astro Power: A Simple Guide to Prediction and Destiny for the Modern Mystic Aimed at enlightenment and seeing past labels to the oneness that unites us all, Montgomery’s work also helps navigate the practical essentials with grounded cosmic intel. Her motto: Free your mind, own your power, create your world. You can learn more at astroallstarz.com or follow Montgomery on Instagram @astro_allstarz.

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