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Tyler Perry Donates $750K So Seniors Living Near Film Studio Don’t Have To Move

Tyler Perry Donates $750K So Seniors Living Near Film Studio Don’t Have To Move

Tyler Perry
Helping Low-Income Seniors In ATL …
So They Don’t Have To Move

2/15/2023 9:12 AM PT

Tyler Perry‘s helping to solve a problem created by his super successful movie studio in Atlanta … seniors are seeing their property taxes jump, and he’s ponying up the difference so they can stay in their homes.

Sources close to Tyler tell TMZ … the TV/film mogul is donating $750,000 this year so Atlanta’s low-income seniors aren’t forced out of their homes due to rising property taxes.

There’s a lot of folks who live in the area around Tyler Perry Studios … and the value of the land is increasing, and in turn, driving up property taxes. We’re told it’s a leading factor in longtime residents living on a fixed income being displaced and having their lives upended.

Our sources say Tyler, who came in at No. 3 on the Forbes list of the Top 10 highest-paid entertainers of 2022 — raking in $175M last year — recently reached out to Atlanta mayor Andre Dickens to help keep these residents in their homes.

We’re told Tyler’s $750k donation will do a number of good things in the community … including paying off all back property taxes for every low-income senior in Atlanta, which covers nearly 300 homes.

The money will cover taxes imposed by the city, county and schools.

Our sources say Tyler’s money will also effectively freeze property taxes for 100 low-income seniors for 20 years … with the money going to pay the difference between current property taxes and property tax increases over the next two decades.

In addition to Tyler’s $750k earmarked for 2023, we’re told he will also donate about $500k every year for the next 4 years … which works out to about $2.75 million total. We’re told the funds will be handled by Invest Atlanta Partnership, the nonprofit wing of Atlanta’s economic development authority.

Tyler’s the only Black man in the Forbes Top 10 highest-paid entertainers … and we’re told his priority is to give back to the community that’s meant so much to him.

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