Positive K Using Rap Career to Tap into Comedy

Positive K Using Rap Career to Tap into Comedy

Rapper Positive K
I’m a Comedian Now!!!

2/18/2023 12:10 AM PT

Positive K, best known for his ’90s hit “I Got A Man“, is turning his hip hop roots into humor — he’s getting onstage to tap into the world of comedy.

The rapper’s team says, Positive K’s still in the biz of putting out new music, but now he’s also using the stage for stand-up comedy, and his career is already taking off!

As a rapper, he’s best known for his breakout 1993 top 20 single “I Got A Man” … and he also had memorable collabs with hip hop legend, MC Lyte.

His debut album “The Skills Dat Pay Da Bills” has become highly regarded as a certified classic, especially for his ability to deliver a different rap style on each track and for adding humor … and we’re told that’s exactly what planted the seed for his comedy career.

Positive K’s Comedy Experience is already making the rounds in ATL … having played the Uptown Comedy Corner, Atlanta Comedy Theater and the Laugh Factory. Earlier this year he put on a show to remember at the ATL Punchline.

He’s even opened up for comedian Mike Epps, in addition to performing on some of the most legendary stages for comedy.

As for his sets, we’re told they’re a mix of musical performances with a ton of relatable jokes thrown in … but you’ve got to catch him yourself for a full show!

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