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Paul Pelosi Bludgeoned by Hammer in Attack, Police Body Cam Video Shows

Paul Pelosi Bludgeoned by Hammer in Attack, Police Body Cam Video Shows

Paul Pelosi
Bludgeoned by Hammer
Police Body Cam Shows

1/27/2023 9:18 AM PT

Police body cam footage from Paul Pelosi‘s hammer-wielding home burglar attack has been released … showing the 82-year-old getting struck in the head by a hammer.

The footage, released Friday, shows officers approach Paul and Nancy‘s home. Paul opens the door, standing next to his attacker, both men have their hands on the hammer in an effort to control it.

The attacker breaks away, holding the hammer, and immediately strikes Paul in the head with the weapon. Both men fall to the ground as police move into the house and take the attacker into custody. Paul is totally out cold from the impact.



As we reported, Paul was asleep at his San Francisco home in October when suspect David DePape broke in … later telling the FBI he was planning on shattering the then-House Speaker’s kneecaps because he thought she was a liar.

DePape allegedly brought zip ties, tape and rope for Nancy — who was in D.C. during the attack.

Pelosi made a 911 call, reportedly speaking in codes to the operator while alerting them something was wrong. Cops said they saw Pelosi fighting with DePape over a hammer when they arrived, which is when he got hit in the head.

The suspect’s been charged with attempted murder, residential burglary, assault with a deadly weapon, elder abuse, false imprisonment of an elder, and threats to a public official and their family — and, if convicted, he faces 13 years to life.

Since the attack, Paul’s had successful brain surgery, and attended a few public events where he seemed to be well on his way to making a full recovery.

As for the Pelosi home … Nancy recently revealed she hired priests to perform an exorcism in the house after the attack.

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