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Paul Pelosi Attacker Smashed Back Door with Hammer, Chilling 911 Call

Paul Pelosi Attacker Smashed Back Door with Hammer, Chilling 911 Call

Paul Pelosi
Chilling 911 Call
… After Intruder Smashed in Back Door

1/27/2023 10:16 AM PT

Paul Pelosi‘s attacker cased the family’s home before making a move inside, leading to a chilling 911 call from Paul where he subtly relayed to the operator he was in danger.

We’ve obtained additional footage from outside the Pelosi home in San Francisco from the night of the attack when David DePape broke in and struck Paul with a hammer. At first, DePape checks around the house, possibly looking for a way in.

A few minutes pass, and he returns with a bag … pulling out a hammer and gloves. DePape doesn’t waste a lot of time smashing the back door with his weapon and climbing inside.

The 911 call Paul made is equally as terrifying, you hear him try to stay calm — without outright saying there was a problem — it’s clearly an attempt to keep DePape at bay.

He tells the operator his name, and states his friend is there but he doesn’t know the “friend” as you can also hear DePape in the background. Paul then tells the operator he has to go, and that his “friend” really wants him to get off the phone.

In additional footage released Friday, you see cops find Pelosi and DePape at the door, Pelosi tries to wrestle the hammer away from the intruder — but he strikes him in the head — knocking Paul out cold before cops intervene.



DePape has been charged with attempted murder, residential burglary, assault with a deadly weapon, elder abuse, false imprisonment of an elder, and threats to a public official and their family.

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