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Pamela Anderson Recalls Wild Night At Playboy Mansion: “It Was All Wild, But Respectful”

Pamela Anderson has opened up about her experiences at the Playboy Mansion, recalling a wild night when she claims she saw actor Jack Nicholson having a threesome.[0] The Baywatch star said she was walking by to use the mirror and, trying not to look, she caught his eye in the reflection. “I guess that got him to the finish line, because he made a funny noise, smiled and said, ‘Thanks, dear,'” she recalled.[1]

Anderson is set to release her new memoir, Love, Pamela, and a new Netflix documentary, Pamela: a Love Story, both out Jan. 31.[2] In addition to the Nicholson anecdote, Anderson also claims actor Tim Allen flashed his penis at her while filming the ’90s sitcom, Home Improvement.[3] “On the first day of filming, I walked out of my dressing room, and Tim was in the hallway in his robe. He opened his robe and flashed me quickly — completely naked underneath. He said it was only fair, because he had seen me naked. ‘Now we’re even.’ I laughed uncomfortably,” she writes in her memoir.[4]

Anderson also claims Sylvester Stallone offered her a ‘condo and a Porsche to be his number one girl’ in searing scenes from her documentary, Pamela, a Love Story.[5]

The Barb Wire actress added the night at the Playboy Mansion was “just complete freedom”, with the party crammed with “artists, philanthropists, intellectuals, chivalry, beautiful women”.[6] She fondly reminisced, “It was a very sexy time. It was all wild, but respectful.”[7]

Allen denied the incident ever happened in a statement to Variety, while Anderson refuted his denial earlier this week.[8] “I’m not a very judgmental person…Tim is a comedian, it’s his job to cross the line. I’m sure he had no bad intentions. Times have changed, though. I doubt anyone would try that post #MeToo. It’s a new world,” she said in an email to Variety writer Tatiana Siegel.[9]

Anderson has made her mark in Playboy magazine with her record-setting 11 appearances on the cover of the magazine in its 60-year history.[10]

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