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NYPD Assert They Were Recording Apollo Theater Fans For Social Media

NYPD Assert They Were Recording Apollo Theater Fans For Social Media

A video went viral over the weekend showing the New York Police Department recording Drake fans as they departed his Apollo show. After the internet reacted to the clip with disdain, the NYPD released a statement explaining their actions and reassuring the public that they weren’t attempting anything nefarious. Instead, the department claimed the footage was being gathered for social media use. 

“The officer depicted in the video is a Community Affairs officer involved with the 28th Precinct’s social media team,” the statement read, according to Rolling Stone. “The officer was taking a video for an upcoming Twitter post that will highlight local community events. The video will not be utilized for any other reason.”

Mayor Eric Adams, who was in attendance for the show, doubled down on the NYPD’s intentions, releasing a statement of his own, reports ABC7. “Well, first we have to be honest with ourselves. Twitter is not real and those little people that goes back and forth all the time talking to themselves,” Adams said.

“When you have those that are sitting at home in the corner of the room, trying to find a reason to divide NYPD from everyday New Yorkers, then they are going to say that. Thumbs up to that great captain up in the 28 Precinct. I know that precinct. I know that captain. He’s very community-minded and community-centered and I commend him for doing so.”

“It was a large event,” he added. “Drake back at the Apollo! We want that. We want our police and community involved,” the mayor exclaimed. 

Drake’s Apollo performance was detailed as one of “gratitude” and took place on Jan. 21 & Jan. 22. 

His setlist included forty hits and fan-favorite cuts such as “Feel No Ways,” “Trust Issues,” “One Dance,” and more. Across the two nights, special guests included 21 Savage, Lil Uzi Vert, and Dipset.

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