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Michael Irvin Pulled From NFL Network’s Super Bowl Coverage After Incident W/ Woman

Michael Irvin Pulled From NFL Network’s Super Bowl Coverage After Incident W/ Woman

Michael Irvin
Pulled From NFLN’s SB LVII Coverage
… After Incident At Hotel With Woman

2/8/2023 8:47 AM PT

Michael Irvin will no longer be one of the faces of NFL Network’s Super Bowl coverage this week — the former Dallas Cowboys star who’s turned into a huge TV personality has been pulled from shows following an incident he had with a woman in Arizona on Sunday night.

Irvin told the Dallas Morning News the encounter happened at a hotel in Glendale — the site of this weekend’s SB LVII — after he had returned to the property following a night out on the town.

Irvin says he spoke with the woman for roughly 45 seconds in the lobby — and described it all as an almost entirely non-physical interaction.

The woman, though, according to the DMN, launched a complaint about Irvin’s actions — leading to the NFLN pulling him from their coverage on Tuesday.

Irvin says he’s been left “perplexed” by it all — explaining to the outlet it was such an innocuous conversation, he hardly even remembered it.

“When I got back after going out … I came into the lobby, and I talked to somebody,” Irvin said. “I talked to this girl. I don’t know her, and I talked to her for about 45 seconds.”

“We shook hands. Then, I left. … That’s all I know.”

He added, “I don’t really recall that conversation, to tell you the truth. We were out drinking. It was just a friendly conversation. ‘What’s up?’ I don’t even know. … I am totally perplexed.”

Michael Irvin interviewing the Kelce brothers & their mom, Donna, at #SuperBowl opening night pic.twitter.com/mrd2OtKK6E

— Omar Ruiz (@OmarDRuiz) February 7, 2023

An NFL Network exec confirmed to TMZ Sports Irvin will not be a part of the station’s SB coverage this week. But, it remains unclear what the woman alleges Irvin said or did during their meetup — as Irvin adamantly denied any wrongdoing.

“What law did I break?” Irvin said according to the Dallas Morning News. “There was definitely nothing physical. … That’s honestly all that happened. Nobody was in my room. It was a 45-second conversation in the lobby, a handshake and we left. … I don’t know. I don’t know what this is, and it’s running me crazy.”

Nick Sirianni dropping greatest sports town in America right in Michael Irvin’s face pic.twitter.com/80TjZFaDRW

— Joe Pop (@JoePops_) February 7, 2023

Irvin had conducted interviews for NFL Network at the Super Bowl’s opening night on Monday. It’s not yet known if he’ll make his other regularly scheduled appearances on ESPN this week.

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