Megan Fox Unveils Dramatic New Haircut and Bikini Look

Megan Fox is back and better than ever![0] On Friday, the 36-year-old actress revealed a dramatic change to her signature hairstyle. Fox shared a series of photos on her Instagram story, showing off her new look. Instead of her long, dark locks, the “Jennifer’s Body” star can be seen rocking a blonde lob with blunt fringe bangs.[1] Her hair features an ombre effect, with darker shades near her roots that transition into a honey-blonde shade towards the bottom.[2]

In addition to her new hairstyle, Fox also showed off her toned figure in a tiny orange bikini.[1] She posed in the two-piece swimsuit and pulled up the strings of the bikini bottoms with her hands.[1] On her Instagram Story, Fox also gave fans a peek into an iPhone group chat conversation.[3]

Recently, Fox has been a trendsetter when it comes to fashion, particularly for her recreation of Pamela Anderson’s style with a pink feathery bucket hat and for her stand-out all-pink ensemble at her boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly’s Life in Pink film premiere last year.[4]

However, the star revealed to Glamour in April 2022 that she still gets affected by public perception of her.[2] She informed the publication that when numerous individuals worldwide are considering her or have pessimistic contemplations or objectives towards her, that vitality penetrates and penetrates her.[2]

Fox is known for keeping her hair relatively long for the majority of her career, but she recently cut her locks last summer.[2] In 2014, prior to that, the actress cut her hair short and sported a shoulder-length style with darker shades while promoting her lead part in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.[4]

The star also said she’d like to be remembered as somebody who was brave, who was unafraid to explore and become herself, regardless of anyone else’s commentary.[2] She went on to say that she also hopes to leave behind a legacy of having helped others to find themselves and to feel love, both self-love and the ability to give that love to their own children and family. She believes that this is something the world is currently lacking, and that the ripple effect of this love would spread far and wide.[4]

Without revealing who she was talking to, Megan shared a screenshot of a group chat conversation in which someone wrote, “His body was bomb tho.[3]

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