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Kelly Clarkson Alleged Stalker Hit with Slew of Criminal Charges

Kelly Clarkson Alleged Stalker Hit with Slew of Criminal Charges

Kelly Clarkson
ALLEGED STALKER Hit with 6 Charges …
Serious Jail Time Possible

2/3/2023 12:20 AM PT

Kelly Clarkson‘s alleged stalker is now facing a slew of criminal charges after the singer claimed the woman keeps showing up at her home … even with a restraining order against her.

The L.A. City Attorney’s Office tells TMZ … Huguette Nicole Young was charged last month with one count of stalking, four counts of violating a protective order, and one count of trespassing.

We’re told Young pled not guilty and bail was set at $26,000 … with the court ordering Young to stay the hell away from Kelly, which, frankly, hasn’t seemed to work very well in the past.

TMZ broke the story … Kelly previously got a restraining order against Young, but the woman has since been accused of violating the terms of the restraining order a bunch of times.

As we first told you, Young was busted outside Kelly’s San Fernando Valley mansion Jan. 25 after Clarkson’s security called 911 after cameras appeared to show the woman meandering around the singer’s property. Police raced to the scene and arrested her.

It’s super strange … Clarkson claimed Young was repeatedly showing up to her property at exactly 8:59 PM, and there’s still no explanation for the time or significance.

Kelly is concerned, though, because sources connected to her told us she won’t allow her kids outside the gate at night.

Young’s history with Kelly apparently dates back over a decade. She allegedly first tracked Kelly down at her Nashville estate before the incidents in California. Clarkson says Young sometimes even leaves unwanted gifts outside her home.

The good news for Kelly is … Young hasn’t bailed out yet. If convicted, she’s looking at more than a year in jail. Her preliminary hearing is set for February 26.

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