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Joe Alwyn’s Fighting Abilities Questioned As Taylor Swift Hits Grammys

Joe Alwyn’s Fighting Abilities Questioned As Taylor Swift Hits Grammys

Swifties to Joe Alwyn
Hey, Brodie … Can You Fight???
Asked As She Hits Grammys

2/5/2023 4:28 PM PT

Taylor Swift just touched down at the Grammys — and, per usual, her loyal fanbase seems to want to know if her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, has what it takes to protect her at all costs.

It’s a running gag among Swifties now — anytime she steps out into the spotlight, especially on a night like this, Alwyn starts to trend on Twitter … and the same question is asked by literally thousands of users who get a look at their icon … CAN YOU FIGHT???


— emma 🌙 eras tour 3/25 (@midnightsalbum) February 5, 2023

Of course, they’re all kidding … but it’s still pretty funny. You could argue they’re asking because they wanna make sure JA can fend off any would-be punks in the street. That, or they’re wondering if he could possibly take them on if they wanted TayTay for themselves.

A little toxic, but hey … that’s the what comes with a diehard following these days. 😄

Taylor Swift reassures yelling photographers that she isn’t in any rush to leave the red carpet at the #Grammys. https://t.co/J4MrFEoNrG pic.twitter.com/g5zV3VNip5

— Variety (@Variety) February 6, 2023

As for Joe himself, he was nowhere to be seen as Taylor walked the red carpet in a sweet-looking blue dress. He hardly shows up for these things anyway — and even more rarely appears with Taylor at all in public. That’s not to say they aren’t together … ’cause they are.

You’ll recall … she was just spotted out with Joe back in October of last year during a nice day in NYC — and earlier that same summer, the two of them were seen cozying up on a romantic vacation in the Bahamas … where they looked very much in love in the water.

Keep in mind … she’s been dating this guy — a relatively low key British actor — since at least 2017. So, they’ve been going strong for a minute now … breaking past their 30s together.

Anyhoo, she’s up for a handful of Grammys this year — but not nearly as many as she would’ve been if she released ‘Midnights’ about a month earlier than she did. Good luck!

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