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Jack Harlow Leaves Twitter Mostly Unimpressed in ‘WMCJ’ Reboot Trailer

Jack Harlow Leaves Twitter Mostly Unimpressed in ‘WMCJ’ Reboot Trailer

Jack Harlow
Twitter Mostly Unimpressed …
W/ ‘WMCJ’ Reboot Trailer

2/5/2023 2:01 PM PT

Jack Harlow‘s acting debut got a first look this weekend in the new trailer for the rebooted “White Men Can’t Jump” — and the consensus on Twitter seems to be … uh, yeah, no.

Indeed … Hulu dropped the trailer for the flick Sunday, which is hitting their service exclusively in May. Everyone already knew Jack was attached to the project — replacing Woody Harrelson‘s character from the OG — and now … the reactions are pouring in online.

While there are certainly some who were left impressed with what they saw — specifically from Jack — the honest truth is … most don’t seem all that interested in checking this one out, and they’re voicing it in pretty passionate (and sometimes hilarious) terms.

The best way to get an unbiased read on how folks actually feel about it is to hop into the comment sections of film/rap/basketball blog accounts that reposted the trailer. It’s there you’ll see almost everybody echoing a similar sentiment … this didn’t need to be remade.

Casting Jack Harlow in the Woody Harrelson role encapsulates how far we’re regressing as a society. That and this being the umpteenth remake that Kenya Barris put his grubby hands and untalented nasty stank on.


— Rendy Jones (@rendy_jones) February 5, 2023

Then, there are the tweets specifically aimed at Jack’s performance … or at least what we’ve seen of it thus far. Those ones are little more harsh, especially since there are other white dudes that bird app users apparently would’ve liked to have seen more … like Tristan Jass.

Others are harping on the fact that the studio here seems to have wanted to capitalize on Jack’s music fame to boost this a bit — which some see as gimmicky and unnecessary.

He’s not white enough

— Chill Rich Dude (@jakep316) February 5, 2023

One Twitter user put Jack’s performance this way in response to someone who said he doesn’t come across as half bad in the role … writing, “He’s not white enough.” 😅

The bigger takeaway is that people appear upset at the fact that Hollywood has rebooted yet another cult classic … even when no one really asked for it. They did it again earlier this year with “House Party,” and now there’s this. Not to mention all the reboots of years past.

For the uninitiated, reboots are part of movie-making DNA … so they’ll be around no matter what. As for Jack, dude’s probably too busy to listen to all the noise … he’s up for 3 Grammys tonight, so he’s preoccupied. And besides, the film’s done and it’s coming out.🤷🏽‍♂️

As Billy Hoyle once said … my name ain’t chump!

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