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Healthy innovation for the mass market: Kraft Heinz, Libre Foods, and Cereal Partners Worldwide join Positive Nutrition 2023

Healthy innovation for the mass market: Kraft Heinz, Libre Foods, and Cereal Partners Worldwide join Positive Nutrition 2023

Cutting excess problem nutrients from food and beverage products is front-of-mind for manufacturers. But it’s not all about taking the ‘baddies’ out: increasingly, brands are also taking a nutrition forward approach to food for the mass market.

Next month, FoodNavigator will throw a spotlight on innovative approaches to healthier food and drink at Positive Nutrition: Healthy Innovation for the Mass Market. The face-to-face event will run over three days (29-31 March) in central London.

We’ll explore reformulation approaches to a range of categories, including PepsiCo’s better-for-you snacks, and examine how innovation is shaping the drinks of tomorrow – from collagen-infused water to alcohol-free beverages. Plant-based will also be put under the microscope as we ask how the next wave of meat- and dairy-free products can reinvigorate excitement in the sector.

The role of functional ingredients in boosting mental and physical wellbeing is another big topic in nutrition forward formulation, and one we’ll explore through the lens of food as medicine. How food and beverage makers are targeting specific age groups, from infants to ageing populations, will be examined as we ask how brands can better cater to age-related needs.

Representatives from Danone North America, Mission Ventures, Planted, and PepsiCo are already confirmed speakers at the event. Now, we’re proud to announce the next batch of speakers at Positive Nutrition 2023. Highlights include:

  • Bianca Maria Vecchio, Nutrition, Regulatory and Scientific Affairs Manager, Cereal Partners Worldwide​, will weigh in on how brands can reformulate HFSS products without compromising on taste, looking at government regulations and consumer acceptance.
  • Hélène Hervé, Innovation Marketing Lead, The Kraft Heinz Company​, will walk us through the company’s innovation strategy, centred around the humble bean. How is Kraft Heinz leveraging this nutritional powerhouse to expand into new categories?
  • Eléonore Lafona, Senior Associate, Five Seasons Ventures​, is well versed in the growth potential of food for body and mind. The VC senior associate will share how innovative food and beverage makers are tapping into this market, with sleep, stress, and relaxation in mind.
  • Katherine Appleton, Professor, Bournemouth University​, is behind a a new smartphone app for fruit and vegetable consumption. She’ll talk us through the studies that informed its development and the impact it could have on fruit and vegetable consumption amongst its users.
  • Alan Ivàn Ramos, Founder & CEO, Libre Foods​, is working with fungi and fermentation to develop the next wave of meat-free free products. He’ll discuss the potential for new technology to propel the category forward. 

Our full list of speakers can be found here​, and further details on the programme here​.

Over three days, Positive Nutrition 2023will take a deep-dive into five core themes: 

Session 1: Rethinking Reformulation

Nutritionists have been encouraging us to eat more fruit, veg and whole grains for decades – but this approach has failed to tackle issues like obesity. Reformulation and innovation are therefore key to securing a healthier and more sustainable future for food. In this session, FoodNavigator journalists will be joined by an expert line-up of speakers to discuss how public health challenges can be met by leveraging technical advances and ingredient innovation. What will healthier products look like in 2023 and beyond?

Session 2: Plant-Based Potential

Most of us need to increase the plant-based content of our diet to meet government-backed recommendations like the Eatwell Plate. But with the term ‘plant-based’ being stretched to include anything from ultra-processed burger patties, to bakery products and vegan nuggets, is there a risk that the plant-based category is falling fowl of health-washing? How can innovation in the plant-based space ensure products are delivering nutritionally dense, clean label products that also meet the organoleptic expectations of consumers?

Session 3: Food as Medicine

Between dietary interventions that promise to help reverse the onset of NCDs like obesity and a rejection of ‘diets’ in favour of wellness maintenance and body positive weight management, a more nuanced understanding of the relationship between diet and health is coming to shape consumer attitudes to food – and the innovation strategies of the brands that serve them. But, looking beyond the hype, what ingredients and strategies are truly delivering in this area? And how can the benefits be communicated?

Session 4: How Tech is Transforming Wellness and Diet

Digital technological developments are having a profound impact on what we eat. From digital apps that promise personalised dietary advice and consultation, to AI that can help reformulate products further and faster, we’ll analyse what the digital revolution means for positive nutrition and population health.

Session 5: Lifecycle Nutrition

The nutrients we need change dramatically as we age. From tot to teen, zoomers to boomers, our bodies need very different diets to support wellness. What innovation opportunities does the deepening understanding of lifecycle nutrition offer and how can the food industry meet the segmented needs of the mass market?

We’ll be bringing together stakeholders from industry, academia and civil society into one room to throw a spotlight on the latest in nutritional science and highlight the business opportunities in nutrition forward food. Alongside the informative and interactive content programme, the three-day event puts emphasis on quality networking opportunities for you to connect with your peers and discuss innovation opportunity presented by healthy innovation for the mass market.

Book before Friday 24 February to benefit from the early bird discount. For more information or to register, click HERE​.

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