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George Lopez Criticized for Putting Down Latino Comedian Ralph Barbosa

George Lopez Criticized for Putting Down Latino Comedian Ralph Barbosa

George Lopez
Blasted for Putting Down Latino Comic …
Ralph Barbosa Laughs It Off

2/11/2023 12:00 PM PT

George Lopez is getting dragged through the coals for what some say is him acting like a gate-keeping elitist in standup comedy — this after kinda putting down a fellow Latino comic.

The legendary funny man was on a podcast this past week for the All Things Comedy network — chatting with Steve Treviño and others … and they were talking about George’s legacy, especially as it pertains to paving the path for other Hispanic comedians.

Trevino said it was incumbent on the OGs of the biz — like George — to pass down the knowledge and assist up-and-comers in breaking through … but GL disagreed on the way to go about that. He acknowledged he hadn’t always been the most helpful, but noted he had shown the way … arguing it was on others to chart their own path, the way he has.

Trevino pushed back, invoking Ralph Barbosa — a young guy who’s blowing up right now in standup — and George almost immediately took issue with his name being mentioned.

Thanks to @georgelopez hating on @ralphbarbosa03 I found me a new fav Latino comedian! Let’s goooo Ralph Barbosa! Learn his name folks. #comedy #hilarious pic.twitter.com/PhRyXjg4oB

— SIKORA (@iamsikora) February 10, 2023

George asked why Trevino was bringing RB up, suggesting he wasn’t famous/worthy of getting roped into the convo. He then asked the room if it was messed up he was saying that … but in the end, he stood his ground in writing Barbosa off as a relative nobody.

His takeaway point was … look out for yourself. It would seem, in his mind, that means not talking about other comics or giving them a plug of any kind — something Paul Rodriguez has alluded to when it comes to what he says is George’s track record on this sort of thing.

Paul Rodriguez is my OG latino comedian!! Not George Lopez pic.twitter.com/4hBsFky2na

— AmericaMade (@JR_JR_JR407) February 11, 2023

A resurfaced clip of Paul telling a story about George is now making the rounds in the wake of this Barbosa snub … and it paints an interesting picture. It would seem that even among George’s contemporaries … he’s got a bad rep for not extending a helping hand to Latinos.

George would likely disagree with that characterization — but he’s also pretty clear in how he thinks he can best serve people, including Hispanics. A bootstrap approach, no doubt.

As for Ralph … he’s responded to all the chatter this has spawned, and a clip he reposted is quite telling. It’s a scene from the movie ‘Blood In, Blood Out’ — where Benjamin Bratt is getting grilled by his relative for turning his back on his own people.


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