Courteney Cox Gives Herself a ‘Gen Z Girl’ Makeover

Courteney Cox Gives Herself a ‘Gen Z Girl’ Makeover

Courteney Cox may be 59 years old, but this week she channeled her 18-year-old daughter to create an outfit worthy of someone born well after the millennium.

The Friends star posted a video to Instagram on Wednesday in which she jokingly turned herself into a “Gen Z girl,” crop top, pigtails, and all. In the short clip, Cox is scrolling through pictures of Gen Z girls on social media when she announces, “Look at these Gen Z girls, so cute. I want to do that!” The actor then gives herself a makeover montage set to Sam Smith’s song “Unholy,” providing close-up shots of herself applying copious amounts of eyeliner, contour, highlight, and lipstick. She followed up that makeup routine by styling her hair into two bubble pigtails complete with tendrils, securing them at various points along the tails to create a spherical, puffed effect. After consulting her Gen X wardrobe, Cox finally landed upon a TikTok-worthy ’fit composed of distressed jeans, a tie-dye, zip-up sweatshirt, and a crocheted crop top, breaking out her cell phone for selfies. While flashing the peace sign and sticking out her tongue, however, her photo sesh was rudely interrupted by the sound of someone in the hallway, prompting her to scuttle away from the mirror as she shouted, “Oh shit, he’s home,” seemingly referring to her boyfriend, Johnny McDaid. Cox captioned the post, “Am I slaying this right?”

And this is hardly the actor’s first time creating a viral video poking fun at herself. In September of last year, Cox turned her heartbreak into content after finding out that Kanye West is not a fan of the show that launched her career. That month, the disgraced rapper revealed that he actually wasn’t the wordsmith behind some of his fans’ most beloved Twitter one-liners, including when he proclaimed that “Friends wasn’t funny.” In response to that comment, Courteney Cox, who starred as Monica Geller on the hit show, responded with a comedic video of herself jamming out to the rapper’s song “Heartless” while scrolling through Instagram on her phone when she stumbles across West’s original post, zeroing in on the words “Friends wasn’t funny.” She then shakes her head sadly before abruptly turning off the music, adding in the caption, “I bet the old Kayne [sic] thought Friends was funny.”

This article first appeared in Vanity Fair. 

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