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CeeDee Lamb Gets Massive Back Tattoo Featuring Kobe Bryant Image

CeeDee Lamb Gets Massive Back Tattoo Featuring Kobe Bryant Image

CeeDee Lamb
Cowboys Star Gets Massive Back Tat
… Featuring Kobe Image

2/23/2023 12:10 AM PT

CeeDee Lamb is heading into the 2023 season with a new look … TMZ Sports has learned the Cowboys star just got a massive back tattoo featuring an image of Kobe Bryant — and it’s incredible.

The 23-year-old Dallas receiver went to artist Andres Ortega out at Onder Ink in Arizona this week to get the piece done … seeking work that covered everything on his backside from the top of his traps to the top of his glutes.

We’re told Lamb wanted things that symbolized the fight and will it took to make it from childhood to the NFL … and Ortega’s team of four artists immediately went to work.

At some points during the tattoo process, the ink masters worked on his back simultaneously — and when they all finished up, the final product came out spectacularly.

An iconic photo of Kobe chewing on his jersey now sits on Lamb’s right shoulder blade, accompanied by a black mamba with its tongue out. On his left shoulder blade, there’s a huge image of a jaguar. Just below that, there’s a Spartan warrior — and to the right of that, there’s an I-45 sign that represents the highway that runs through Dallas. There’s also a crucifix, a crown and the words “My Story Isn’t Over.”

Ortega says it all took about eight hours to complete — and it isn’t hard to see Lamb loved it.

In fact, the two-time Pro Bowler even got another tat done at the shop on his leg!!

Of course, Cowboys stars are well known for their love of body art — Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott are covered in ink — but Lamb’s got to have bragging rights over them all now, right?

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