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25 Best Vibrators for Everyone in 2023, According to Sex Experts

25 Best Vibrators for Everyone in 2023, According to Sex Experts

There’s no time like the present to invest in one of the best vibrators on the market. Whether you’re riding solo, or hoping to try a sex toy for couples, sexperts and our editors all agree: Vibrators are not only for everyone, but they’re also for multiple body parts (we’re looking at you, nipples.)

Genital nerve endings literally “developed to feel vibration,” says Carol Queen, PhD, a sex educator and author of The Sex & Pleasure Book, making vibrators the perfect tool to help you “explore sensation and arousal, get creative, and develop sexual interests and confidence.”

Whether you’re learning how to use a vibrator or you’re purchasing your tenth toy, these are the best vibrators, according to our very enthusiastic testers (yes, we tried them ourselves!) and reviewers.

What type of vibrator is right for you?

There are so, so many kinds of vibes out there, each tailored to specific body parts and erogenous zones. When you’re on the hunt for the best vibrators for vulva stimulation, you’ll encounter four main categories: bullet vibrators, which are slender, handheld toys for external use; wand vibrators, which have soft, bulbous heads for total-body massage; suction toys, which use air pulses to stimulate the clitoris; and rabbit vibrators, which offer both internal and external play at the same time.

If you don’t have a vulva, there are plenty more vibrators to try. Some toys, like cock rings and male masturbators, focus on the penis. On the other hand, anal vibrators like butt plugs are incredible sex toys if you have a prostate (also known as a P-spot). Any toy can work for you as long as you use it in a way that feels good, the experts explain, so keep an open mind and imagine how you or your partner might enjoy the toys on this list, regardless of gender.

What features we considered

Materials to look for: Body-safe silicone, ABS plastic, stainless steel

Features to look for: Waterproofing, long battery life, easy-to-grip handles, app or Bluetooth connectivity for long-distance play, hands-free design

Vibrator cost: Cheap sex toys and smaller, single-motor toys like bullets range from about $10 to $70; mid-size, single-motor options like wands and suction toys range from about $30 to $150; more complicated, multi-motor vibrators like rabbits range from about $50 to $200. Luxury sex toys that offer supercharged battery life, the widest range of sensations, and guaranteed longevity, are over $100.

Our top picks

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