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15 Best Glossier Products That Are Actually Worth Your Money in 2023

15 Best Glossier Products That Are Actually Worth Your Money in 2023

If there’s one beauty brand whose reputation precedes it, it’s Glossier. Home to some of the most hyped-up products, cutting through the noise to find the best Glossier products is no easy feat. Glossier’s packaging and destination stores are a master class in brand identity. Its ever-growing fanbase—which includes plenty of celebrities, Olivia Rodrigo among them—is so loyal that shoppers will patiently wait to get their hands on whatever just hit the shelves. (And wherever too: The brand just launched at Sephora online, in store, and on the app.)

But just as with anything that seems too good to be true, it’s natural for those who aren’t fully aboard the Glossier train to wonder whether its products are actually worth the money. Does Boy Brow really transform your eyebrows with just a few swipes? Is Cloud Paint genuinely as good as its painfully cute tube would lead you to believe? Does the revamped Balm Dotcom outperform the original?

The answer, according to many who’ve tried the brand—including a number of Glamour staffers who swiped and slathered their way through every single product on the brand’s site to share the formulas that stood out to them—is a resounding yes. The votes came in across the board, but there were at least five emphatic responses that just said “Boy Brow!!!”—all caps, lots of exclamations. Scroll on for our honest reviews on the absolute best Glossier products worth spending your coin on.

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    Glossier Boy Brow + Balm Dotcom + Futuredew Set

    Don’t know where to start with Glossier? Pick up three of the brand’s most beloved products at once. You’ll get its tried-and-true brow gel, the revamped lip balm in a yummy fig flavor, plus the serum responsible for Glossier’s signature dewy, luminous look.

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    Glossier Stretch Concealer

    A concealer that’s airy and easy to blend? Look no further. “It’s so lightweight and dewy that it’s almost impossible for it to cake up,” says Glamour digital director Perrie Samotin, who uses it under her eyes and on her eyelids for a more pulled-together look, as well as under her nose and at the corners of her mouth to hide redness. “It looks super natural—some might say too natural if ultra-full coverage is the goal—but it works wonders for me when I don’t feel like a full face of foundation and want a light glow while still hiding my skin issues.”

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