14 R&B Songs To Get Over Him This Valentine’s Day

14 R&B Songs To Get Over Him This Valentine’s Day

You may find yourself lost in the runs of “Love On Top” by Beyoncé. Or perhaps screaming out “I hate you so much right now!” by Kelis is more your speed. Either way, February 14th tends to bring out those mixed emotions of experiencing real love and/or real heartbreak. Unlike the fairy tale love found in films like Twilight — we’re talking Angela Bassett’s glow-up in Waiting To Exhale.

Sometimes you may think you’re over the relationship, but you’ve revisited old photos, checked their Instagram account for the third time that day, and may have even sent them a text (“by mistake,” of course). Either way, breaking up ain’t easy. 

It takes time to let go of someone who’s seen you in all seasons and once made you feel comfortable enough to lower your guard. However, in order to truly release what no longer serves you and reclaim parts of yourself — you have to stop communication, and as Lizzo says, be “100% that bi**h!”

Here are 14 timeless songs to add to your playlist this Valentine’s Day to get over them, completely.

And by the way, Valentine’s Day isn’t always about having a boo to spend it with, it can be a day to simply love on yourself.

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